even if your love for me is nonexistent, mine for you will always be infinite.
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midnight light;

Let’s just embrace this moment real quick….

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"Jessica unnie, you took good care of me since I was a trainee. You’re really caring. I think it’s because I resemble Krystal that it was easier for you to be nice to me"

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f(x)’s appreciation post: sulli’s bright smile

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Exo Stardium (༎ຶ௰༎ຶ)

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♕ Challenge 2: Revival 


Ah. I think it’s time for us to make this thing work again. And because of a lot of events that happened and will happen soon enough (Spring is here, we have some new admins with us, hwngtfny and jungsooyeons, and Easter is coming too), our next theme is “Revival”. So let’s bring SMTown Net back to life again!

♕ Rules and Guidelines:

  • If you are a member and don’t want to join this time around, that’s perfectly fine! However, if you do decide to join, you must post at least one contribution to this challenge!
  • You can do as many of the prompts as you like; don’t feel restricted to just the one!
  • When you are posting to Tumblr, be sure to add the link to this post within your work.
  • Be sure to reblog to the main SMTownNet blog once you’ve posted. Tag the post with ‘ch:2’.
  • You can include any of the SM artists within your work! However, no artists from other companies are allowed.
  • Feel free to ask any questions you have about the challenge!

♕ Prompt List

For Editors:

  • You can make a photo edit, a photoset or a gifset!
  • The work must be related to the theme of “revival”, of course. It can be very specific or vague. Let your imagination fly~
  • Remember to include the link to this post in the caption when you are posting.

For Writers:

  • Just like the editors, the plot must be related to the idea of “revival”. Easy peasy!
  • You can write about any SM artist you like or even a SM pairing!
  • Don’t worry about the length of the work. It can be a drabble, chaptered story or a whole novel! Write as much as you want!
  • For the sake of reblogging and viewing purposes, you must post to Tumblr. Then, you can post it to other sites if you want to!

The challenge will end when the other challenge will be posted (and we hope that’s going to be before summer). I hope many of you will participate and help us revive this network, SMTown Net!

My dad had lymphoma cancer ever since I was in Battle Shinhwa. My family didn’t want me to worry about it so they didn’t tell me. Because of the audition program and the training afterwards, I didn’t pay any attention to my family affairs so I didn’t know.

hwngtfny asked: yoona or jessica

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The day when the f(x) fandom also cried from happiness

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7/ gifs of krystal ships 
  → chanbo: favorite moments of chanyoung & bona in heirs ღ

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SMent building Billboard featuring SM artists


28 /   of yoona stealing my heart